Ultima Online Vs Lost Ark: The Gold

Every year that passes new games are released and the race to provide the most fulfilling MMORPG continues. There is one game that is regarded as the first ever MMORPG and that is Ultima Online. Ultima Online is the oldest MMORPG in existance and still has a thriving player base! But how can that be with games as big as Lost Ark, a game that is even playable for free?

Lost Ark Gold

When it comes to getting your hands on lots of Lost Ark gold you will come to realize that daily quests are the best option but limit you to so much a day. This is different than Ultima Online where you can get no gold or tons of gold based on what you do that day. To really figure out the best gold methods it's important to look everywhere online at top resources and videos about it to see who's figured out the best methods already.

Lost Ark Gameplay

The gameplay is amazing in Lost Ark, that is for sure. As you make your way through the leveling process the type on questing and game play changes along with it moving you away from the grinding and more toward eventful more enjoyable content. Around level 50 the game really opens up into many possabilities to occupy your time.

Ultima Online Gold

Gold in Ultima Online has transformed over the years so that many players never actually farm UO gold, just items. The items are then traded to players who had existing gold already in the system. Many of the top items are millions upon millions of gold because if the inflation of gold over the many years. This makes item farming much more valuable than gold farming.

Ultima Online Gameplay
Much of the gameplay from Lost Ark reminds me of Ultima Online. I believe UO was the inspiration behind their comprehensive approach. Gameplay in Ultima Online will always be bar none when it comes to PVP. It is worth mentioning that after 5+ expansions the game content is endless. Ultima Online was the first game to also offer complete freedom to do as you wish within the open world. This freedom lead to many role playing guilds, such as the Orc's which were once the strongest RP clan in the world.